Two Girls ion the Playground Parking Lot

The Mom Chronicles: Meet Molly

Welcome to the first of many meaningful conversations with the women in my life about how they balance and prioritize Motherhood, marriage, and maintaining their own identity.

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A beautiful quote about the Autumn season


Hello! I’m back! After a relaxing summer (mostly) at home, I’m more than ready to get back to a fall routine of reading, writing, and sharing more. Our kids are settling into some skeleton routine of “school”; two in high school, one in middle school, all 100% virtual, as well as two kids in college. One will…

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Abstract Watercolor Sunset Poster Painting


Hello! Wow. It has been challenging to untangle thoughts into words for the last two weeks. Deep into month three of a worldwide pandemic and unprecedented shelter in place order, a long coming race revolution erupted after the tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th. I wrote about my feelings here on the blog, and…

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The George Floyd murder has been painful to all


For two weeks now I have struggled to find words to put on this page, especially when there is so much to say. I have a deep well of emotions about the tragic murder of George Floyd that took place in my beloved hometown of Minneapolis but found myself unable to articulate the depth of…

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Northern California has numerous scenic spots by the sea


I don’t consider myself a rule-breaker by nature, but I am known to bend them every now and again. As our family inched closer to the end of week six in quarantine, we all agreed that a change of scenery was necessary, and thought of ways that we could safely do so, even if it…

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Decorations are an important part in our lives


Hello! As we close week three of shelter in place here in California, let me offer up a few rambling thoughts and observations from the comfort of my home. Movement is vital, comic relief is necessary, and connection is critical. Creative cooking, interesting books, and (ath)leisure suits are life. Demanding a schedule, declaring dishwasher wars, and not getting enough sleep will eat you alive and…

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