Key to My Heart

Love is love- celebrate and cherish it every day, not just the days Hallmark tells us to. Let every day be Valentine’s Day! xo

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A bedroom view with a table lamp

Home Edit: Be My Guest

What does it mean to be a welcome guest or to make your guests feel welcome? It’s an art to create a home away from home for the ones you love. Thoughtful touches such as the right bedding, a cozy nook, a comfy bathrobe- all my thoughts on feathering the perfect guest nest.

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LP, Lottie Jane Abs, Hilage, Kierno, Wham, and Melino


“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” When the beloved mother of one of my dear college girlfriends passed away recently, it allowed the opportunity for us to reunite in our old stomping grounds of Madison, Wisconsin, to honor her beautiful memory. This incredible collection of lady Badgers…

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Flower Arrangement in Pink and Green by Dawnielle Chaney


The second edition of The Mom Chronicles is live! A series of interviews with some amazing Moms that are inspiring, interesting, and always evolving. Meet my friend Dawnielle Chaney- kind, funny, talented, charitable and epic “boarder” to boot! ‘Tis the season of giving, and Dawnielle is the gift that keeps on giving! Cheers!

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Two Girls ion the Playground Parking Lot

The Mom Chronicles: Meet Molly

Welcome to the first of many meaningful conversations with the women in my life about how they balance and prioritize Motherhood, marriage, and maintaining their own identity.

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