For two weeks now I have struggled to find words to put on this page, especially when there is so much to say. I have a deep well of emotions about the tragic murder of George Floyd that took place in my beloved hometown of Minneapolis but found myself unable to articulate the depth of what has and is taking place. My “muted” stance on social media does not mean complicity, despite what that decision has universally been declared to represent. Instead, at least until now, I have chosen to listen, learn, observe, and process what’s happening in the world around us.

I could write pages and pages, but it is not my time to do so. Right now, it is my responsibility to further educate myself, as well as my children,¬†about the cause of this revolution. It is time to unpack and examine what it means to “learn to unlearn” everything that has been deeply ingrained in our system and society. To physically and psychologically attempt to destroy, dismantle, and unravel a broken establishment that was intentionally created that way many years ago. I understand to the extent of my ability, the outrage and boiling anger that is so intense it’s rage has the potential to bubble over into violence. I feel the sadness, and vehemently oppose the injustice that has repeated itself again and again- but I am not Black, and feel acutely aware of what my white privilege has afforded me and my family.

We need to move forward into this “new normal” because we will never go back to what we were before. We can’t. Lean in and truly listen, and move toward being a part of the greater good with whatever positive piece you can bring to the table. Please remember that there are many ways to do that- loudly, quietly, peacefully, emphatically. Marching, meditating, singing, writing, storytelling, and debating. Creating, congregating, and self-reflecting. If we just do the work, there is a piece of peace for everyone at this table.

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