A bedroom view with a table lamp

Home Edit: Be My Guest

What does it mean to be a welcome guest or to make your guests feel welcome? It’s an art to create a home away from home for the ones you love. Thoughtful touches such as the right bedding, a cozy nook, a comfy bathrobe- all my thoughts on feathering the perfect guest nest.

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Maxwell House Bridge Photograph

Home Edit: Maxwell House est. 2022

Follow along as we build our dream home from the ground up in the rolling hills of Carmel Valley, California. From soil samples to surveys, design conception to construction, I’m going to document it all!

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The everlasting bonding between a mother and her child

Thoughts on Motherhood- Verb or Noun?

We all know Mother is a verb, but are we ever the noun version? Thoughts on Motherhood, the tenses we transition to and from, and the difference between “doing” and “being”.

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The Theme of the Night is Red with White


You know I love an occasion to plan a celebration, especially when it’s a personal milestone event. Happily, I got to serve up a soirée last summer in honor of Christian and Jamie’s high school graduation. It felt so exciting to not only have the freedom to plan an event where we could invite friends…

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A beautifully designed and lighted Christmas Tree


Celebrating the holidays as a divorced family can be tricky, but with a little imagination, it can be even better than the real thing. Enter Fake Christmas, which our family has adopted as a real thing and has learned to embrace all the splendor of the season in spite of what the calendar says.

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Christmas Cheers With Glass By Kim


Whether you’re celebrating the season by Zoom or filling your room with a small number of family, make this holiday special. It’s certainly one to remember, and hopefully one to cherish. Deck your halls, set your table, and find something spectacular to cheers to this year!

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A beautiful quote about the Autumn season


Hello! I’m back! After a relaxing summer (mostly) at home, I’m more than ready to get back to a fall routine of reading, writing, and sharing more. Our kids are settling into some skeleton routine of “school”; two in high school, one in middle school, all 100% virtual, as well as two kids in college. One will…

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I love nothing more than to throw a fantastic soireé, especially if it’s in honor of a special person celebrating a milestone occasion. Graduation in the time of quarantine has been especially trying on the Class of 2020; spring of senior year for these kids was basically erased with no prom, senior activities, pomp and…

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