New Year, New Look, Newly Inspired

I’m not a resolution type of girl. Renew, refresh, restore, for sure, but I intentionally never “resolve” at the beginning of a new year simply because I feel like it sets you up for failure. Each new year is a turning of the page, and I look forward to what I can change, where I can grow, and how I can continue to learn, explore, and expand my mind and experiences. The word “resolution” sounds so firm, and, well, restrictive. Disappointment will undoubtedly follow if the said resolution is not strictly adhered to, therefore being utterly and completely counterproductive. I resolved long ago to let go of the whole resolution business which has been a successful recipe for me at the onset of each new year.

In 2023, one of my non-resolutions is to allow more creative flow into my daily life. To implement a practice of permission to slow down while actively seeking and absorbing the creative world around me. Promoting creativity as an impactful wellness practice has science-backed benefits, including increased happiness, alleviated stress, and reduced anxiety. Creativity breeds wonder and curiosity, and to allow space for each means you must slow down. To dive deeper into self-discovery, wonder is essential, and according to Socrates, “Wonder is the root of wisdom.” The mental health benefits of a daily creative practice seeking curiosity, wonder, and self-inquiry are limitless and unbound.

Now that our kids are nearly launched (we currently have four in college-a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, oh my, in addition to our high schooler bringing up the rear), I have found my “Mom Role” evolving (read my thoughts on that transition here), allowing more space each day for the things that creatively inspire me. I am more excited and inspired than ever to hone in on what lights up my brain- travel, interiors, design, entertaining, fashion, food, and of course, family.

I recently updated my website just a touch (technology, by the way, does NOT light up my brain) to reflect this direction and highlight some of the things I love. I plan to share more fashionable finds, interior decor discoveries, travel insights, the occasional recipe, an exciting wine rec, and a round-up of what I will call “Currently Coveting and Objects I’m Loving.Currently Coveting will be a monthly curation of what I’m lusting after, dreaming about, recommending, and obviously, loving. You can also expect more detailed travel pieces highlighting where to eat, sleep, shop, and play in fascinating locales around the globe.

Self motivation is needed during testing times

Follow along to get inspired with me in this next stage of Mothering- creatively exploring, evolving, wondering, growing, and becoming the best version of ourselves at each of life’s turns.



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