Wine Region Roundup- Piedmont, Italy

If exploring Italian food and wine is on your bucket list, Piedmont is a must stop. Truffles, Barolo, Barbaresco, rolling hills and beautiful, small, hotels- this gorgeous slice of Northern Italy is a must see.

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The Theme of the Night is Red with White


You know I love an occasion to plan a celebration, especially when it’s a personal milestone event. Happily, I got to serve up a soirée last summer in honor of Christian and Jamie’s high school graduation. It felt so exciting to not only have the freedom to plan an event where we could invite friends…

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A beautifully designed and lighted Christmas Tree


Celebrating the holidays as a divorced family can be tricky, but with a little imagination, it can be even better than the real thing. Enter Fake Christmas, which our family has adopted as a real thing and has learned to embrace all the splendor of the season in spite of what the calendar says.

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Deer antler pile in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA


I’m not sure what’s happened over here in the last couple of months, but I think I may have been Yellowstoned. If you haven’t succumbed to the epic series starring Kevin Costner about modern ranch life in the American West, what are you waiting for? It’s beautifully shot and marries all the elements of family,…

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I love nothing more than to throw a fantastic soireé, especially if it’s in honor of a special person celebrating a milestone occasion. Graduation in the time of quarantine has been especially trying on the Class of 2020; spring of senior year for these kids was basically erased with no prom, senior activities, pomp and…

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Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon Wines


Hello! One week of “shelter in place” down, and an unknown number to go!:) Strange times for sure, so we need connection and consistency now more than ever to stay sane. I didn’t put anything out last week because frankly, I wasn’t feeling very creative and the daily schedule disruption was a bit weird. We had some kids at home that…

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