Prints Charming

A bedroom along with a green table lamp

In celebration of the monumental coronation of King Charles III, let’s celebrate all the pattern, color, and texture that is quintessentially British. From interiors to everyday items that can be elevated with a dash of elegance, pattern can be beautifully powerful.

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Home Edit: Be My Guest

A bedroom view with a table lamp

What does it mean to be a welcome guest or to make your guests feel welcome? It’s an art to create a home away from home for the ones you love. Thoughtful touches such as the right bedding, a cozy nook, a comfy bathrobe- all my thoughts on feathering the perfect guest nest.

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Raffia Round-up

The right accessories for a beach visit

Raffia is all the rage right now from market baskets to sandals; tabletop to home decor. Here’s my top picks for the perfect market tote or cross body bag, sleek sandal, and a few fun suggestions for your next summer brunch table setting. Viva la summer!

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