Newsletter 4.28.20

Welcome to Week Six of Social Distancing and Quarantine!

Seriously hard to believe, right? Such a bizarre moment in time with truly extreme emotions and odd life adjustments. Some highs, lots of lows, sacred togetherness, and desperate measures for treasured solitude are pretty much our weekly routine around here. I hope you all are making the most of your time at home and staying healthy and sane.

Our family has moved from games, movies, and puzzles, to tackling home projects, multiple trips to the city dump (i.e., endless entertainment for teenage boys), and at times, to be perfectly honest, incessant boredom. There’s plenty to get done, but finding my mojo and motivation at times is tough, let alone lighting a fire under a houseful of teens and what seems like an always moody tween. The kids have thoroughly embraced the “home gym” (AKA, garage) and walking the dog. Mom’s haircuts and drug store “facials.” Thank God the sun is shining, allowing us to move from the bowels of our bedrooms and unapologetic napping (our weather was pretty lousy up until this past weekend) to backyard lounging and intermittent spring cleaning. We have been digging into the yard; planting a vegetable garden, potting flowers, and we also refreshed our outdoor furniture. The kids have power washed everything from the patio to their collection of white Vans. They painted a mural in their bedroom, and successfully survived “spring break.” We don’t limit screentime, and we do not censor the Xbox. (Honestly, I never thought I’d say it, but whoever invented that thing is my savior.) Even as an adult, sometimes it’s perfectly okay to say, “whatever!”

We’ve accepted “school” is more than the classroom and that lessons aren’t always learned the traditional way. Disappointment and deviating from the plan are a real part of life, however emotional those decisions may feel. Graduation ceremonies and spring semesters at college don’t look quite the same as we once thought they would. Neither do birthday parties, proms, sporting events, or concerts. We take it day by day around here, what else can you do? I’m proud of my kids and the way we have rolled through this completely unusual lockdown, one good day and one bad day at a time:). And given that we are looking at another four weeks (minimum) of shelter in place in California, I thought I’d share a handful of things that are keeping me sane and feeling somewhat feminine these days.;)

Xo. klm

Finally, it’s officially sundress season here! When temperatures rise, I find I am most comfortable in gauzy, linen sundresses, and some of my faves come from, you guessed it, Target. I am currently living in this sleeveless ruffle number that comes in three colors; white, dusty rose, and royal blue. It’s the perfect length that pairs nicely with flip flops or strappy sandals and even has my favorite feature- pockets! Sizes seem plentiful online, so order away! You won’t regret this summer staple for $34.99!

Wine. It is essential these days, so thank God it’s rosé season. I’ve highlighted a few of my go-to brands in the past, like Angels and Cowboys, Scribe, and Reeve, and another lovely pick is Banshee. I am a fan of Sonoma County and no better time like the present to support our domestic brands during this time. You can order online or grab it at your local Whole Foods. And when the time is right, you must visit their tasting room in Healdsburg. So good!

I know many of you are brave when it comes to coloring your hair, but this is one task that I refuse to DIY. We’ve done haircuts for the boys here at home, but no one touches my cut or color except my trusted stylist, Amy. Until I can comfortably be back in her chair, it’s hats and dry shampoo for me. I’ve tried a few different brands, and to be honest, the odor on many of them is intolerable, but leave it to the French to produce a product that doesn’t leave a nasty cloud of powder in the air that makes you cough and wheeze. Klorane is light and pleasant and doesn’t leave your scalp feeling itchy after a few hours. Paraben and sulfate-free, it blends nicely to mask your roots and allows you to skip washing for days. I first picked it up in a French pharmacy last year, but have since discovered you can grab it on Amazon, among a handful of other places.

Now, this may sound weird to some, but another Amazon staple I use not only in quarantine but on the regular is Tinkle eyebrow razors. I am a fan of a dermaplane facial, but they are honestly so expensive that last year I decided to try my hand at it. It’s super easy, keeps the facial hair at bay, and exfoliates your face like a dream. I do get my brows waxed to keep the shape, but obviously, that isn’t happening, so I’ve used it sparingly on my brows along with tweezers. And one member of the family thought they looked pretty exciting and nearly lost an eyebrow, so guard with care and caution! These babies are sharp!

And finally, as I posted on Insta last week, Some Good News with John Krasinski is about the best thing to hit the internet, since like, ever. Funny, entertaining, heartwarming, and touching, SGN is a weekly dose of all that is good in the world these days. From a virtual prom with Billie Eilish and the Jo Bros to opening up Fenway Park so a team of nurses can throw out the first pitch of the baseball “season,”  SGN will put a smile on your face when you’re feeling blue. And the superstar cameos are a hilarious bonus. You can currently watch on YouTube, but I’m making bets right now that John Krasinski and his homespun, feel-good SGN, will become a network show in some form. It’s just that good. 

Be well!

The Mom Mystique

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