It’s no secret that I have a textile addiction. Cloth napkins, pillows, throw blankets, sheet sets, and duvet covers take up an awful lot of space (and storage) in our house. Every trip we take requires seeking out that exquisite little shop that stocks floor to ceiling bins of local textiles, and I have been known to return home with bulging bags full of placemats, napkins, quilts, and pillow covers to add to my “collections.”

Good sleep begins under the sheets.

But there’s no better place to splurge (or not, as I’ve found) than on your own bed. I like mine made, pressed, and hotel ready with decorative pillows and a soft blanket for napping because we all know you can’t wrinkle up the bed before you actually get into it at night! I make mine every day, and even on the very rare occasion it doesn’t get fluffed and fussed, I will make it up and then dive in. I cannot, will not, go to sleep in sheets that haven’t been smoothed over and made up. Weird, I’m aware. Anyway, I’m a firm believer that your bed should not only look beautiful, but it obviously must feel beautiful as well. I once thought you needed to spend a pretty penny on high thread count sheet sets and European duvets to achieve that five-star sleep, but I’m here to tell you, you do not.

Linen + Bamboo = the correct sleep Rx

Frette, Matok, Sferra, and Pine Cone Hill are all incredible and luxurious, but I need reasonably priced, well made, and unfussy- no ruffles here, and a high thread count typically “pills” leaving those expensive sheets looking like they’ve been through the wringer. Number one for me (especially as I get older) is breathability, and I’ve found the perfect combo is a bamboo bottom sheet and pillowcases paired with a linen duvet. No top sheet necessary here, it just gets tangled or kicked to the bottom of the bed, and other than really wanting a tailored look on your mattress top, it’s just too much. After lots of research, the top vote goes to Cozy Earth for the bamboo and DAPU for the duvet. Cozy Earth is a titch of a splurge, but I’ve found that they are so well made and truly keep you cool, which to me, is the goal. The linen duvet is not only pretty, neither too masculine nor feminine, extremely breathable, gets softer as you wash her, and doesn’t wrinkle.

If a tailored look is your thing, I’ve found that these duvet covers (shown above with a navy stripe) really fill the bill. The price is right and the durability unbelievable, and comes in an array of colors to mix and match. Target is also a great source for bamboo sheet sets as well as crisp, cool cotton. I’m not simply obsessed with a successful sleep prescription, consider me an addict.

Sleep tight!



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