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Here in California, we can live outdoors for most of the year, but summer really is the peak of all things beach, barbecue, and backyard. We spent the first weekend of summer at the beach, invested in a killer new BBQ, and now you know what’s next…


We’ve obviously been spending ALOT of time in our backyard lately, so we have decided she needs a bit of an overhaul. We have a beautiful, peaceful, private yard with oak trees and wildlife galore, but the space could be better utilized in so many ways. We are looking to establish a cooking/entertaining area (that may or may not include my dream- a pizza oven), along with a lounge area and dining space, a vegetable garden, and maybe, just maybe…a hot tub. We will put all the “wants” on the list and see what we can realistically achieve. For now, we gather all the dreams and pass them along to the designer we chose and see what he can do to make them come to life!

Dream yard by dream designer Christian Douglas
Love an outdoor “room”
Inspiration for one side the yard- hot tub? lounge area?
I guess it’s been established that I like the clean, yet rustic look of a limestone paver
(photo courtesy of Pinterest)
Don’t forget the lighting
(photo courtesy of luxe magazine)

I love a clean, serene look for an outdoor space, but I also want it to be lush with scented plants and flowers. I also really want to expand a vegetable garden beyond our one raised bed, that’s a must as well.

Here’s what plants I’m thinking about for a variety of texture, color, and scent. Kind of France meets Napa but with a twist of modernity, function, and fun. We have decided to meet the challenge of a new project, and shocker, I’ve gone deep on Pinterest. I would love your ideas, thoughts, and comments about what you love in your garden/outdoor space. Do you use that pizza oven? Is a hot tub more maintenance pain than pleasure? What surfaces wear well for heat? Tips for growing veggies? To outdoor TV or not? How much use does the outdoor kitchen really get? Starting with a blank slate so we are going to have some fun!

I hope you tag along to follow the process and see the results!

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